About The Author

 Retired Chief William Ruting

William (Bill) Ruting is the retired fire chief of the La Grange, Illinois Fire Department.  Bill joined the department in 1970 as a paid-on-call and became a full-time firefighter in February of 1977.  Over the years he was promoted to Lieutenant, Captain, and in 1996, was appointed Chief.

Bill’s duties with the department include: EMS coordinator, director of fire prevention, public education officer, fire investigator, investigative photographer, fire instructor, and hazardous materials officer.

Chief Ruting served as a Box Chief and  Hazardous Materials Chief, and also served as the MABAS Division 10 President, Loyola University EMS Chiefs’ Committee, and U. S. D.O.E Transportation External Coordinating/Working Group.

After retiring he performed consulting work and training for hospitals in the United States and Canada.

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